Muskies Matter Inc.

                             Muskies Matter

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Muskies Matter is a Muskie Club based out of Mauston Wisconsin. For Sauk and Juneau Counties.

Our Mission Statement

       1. Preserve and propagate muskie fishing in Sauk and Juneau Counties.

        2. Be involved in conservaion efforts.

        3. Educate and refine the members skill in the sport of muskie fishing.

        4. Practice good sportsmanship and safety afloat.

        5. Sponsor group activites related to sport of fishing.

        6. Observe the rules and regulations of the various departments of conservational and natural

            resources of the states in which members fish.

        7. Try to be positive and move forward.


Meeting Date and Location

The Monthly meetings are at Anjero's in Mauston Wisconsin. It starts at 6:30pm. Also feel free to call 1 608 415 1231 any time for questions about our meetings. Some times meeting times get changed. so if you have not been to one in a while call ahead. Thank you.

For more info call 1 608 415 1231.  Yearly membership is $20.00 per person, $30.00 per couple, $60.00 per family. Memberships due at March meeting